Frequently Asked Questions

1. What IS Freedom Fruit?
    -Freedom Fruit is a Mom and Pop shop that delivers the freshest and best tasting fruit to the Las Vegas Valley
2. How does this work?
  - Ordering is easy, simply visit our website and place your order by Wednesday evening at 10 pm, then come pick up at Great Harvest Bread Company located at 661 Marks St on Friday.
3. Do you get fresh produce each week?
   - YES! Our goal is to get you absolutely the freshest produce possible! Much of our produce gets to you within 2 days of being picked beating normal produce supply chains by a few weeks or even months. 
4. What happens to the produce you don't sell?
    -If we end up with extras, I sell those on Saturday, the rest gets donated. We strive to have as little waste as possible.
5. After I place my order, how long until I get it?
    -Orders close every Wednesday for delivery that Friday. 
6. Can I follow you on social media?
    -You can follow me on Instagram @Freedomfruitbrianna or like the Facebook page

7. Do you ever do pick up locations in other parts of town? 
   -Currently, I do not. However, members of the Freedom Fruit Family are happy to help! We often have volunteers willing to pick up for their neighborhood. 
8. If I can't make it to the pick up location in the advertised time frame, what should I do? 
      -You have a couple of different options. I can hold your order for the next week, or you can have someone else pick up for you.
9. Can you make a list of what is in the Harvest Box each week? 
      -Half the time, I don't know what's in the box! Milan does all the sourcing and I'm finding out what is in there at the same time you are! 
10. Where do you get your produce?
-Milan goes farm direct as much as possible, he shops farmers markets and for the exotic items we source them from trusted importers.
11. Can I still order if I have food allergies?
      -If you have any food related allergies, please indicate that information on your order and REMIND US AT PICK UP! We are happy to make you a box from scratch if you have food allergies.


Milan and I appreciate your patience and support as we grow each day.
Thank you for joining our Farm Fresh Family!