Thanksgiving 2020 Recipe Round Up

I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year! It is my favorite holiday because I love making food for my family! I'm leaving you all the links to some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes! We are planning on the Thanksgiving Harvest Boxes to have produce for a single of these recipes. If you need more, there will be add on items for purchase as we get closer to the date! If you're looking for something specific, drop it in the comments below and I will try to accommodate you! Orders for Thanksgiving close on Friday, November 21st at midnight.  Orders will be ready for pick up on Tuesday, November 24th. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Turkey Brine:
Turkey Roast: I make a compound butter with herbs, garlic, citrus, and onion, then stuff some celery in the cavity with some onions and an apple!
Cranberry Salsa: This is an unexpected twist that tastes so good! Don't let your family fill up on salsa before the dishes come out!
Jalapeno Poppers: These are such an easy and delicious appetizer! Stuff jalapenos with a cream cheese mixture- a block of softened cream cheese, some grated sweet onion, a little grated garlic, and cheddar cheese, then wrap them in bacon and bake! 
Cranberry Squares: Jello salads made an appearance in my house growing up exactly once a year in the form of these cranberry squares! It's a fun twist on classic cranberry sauce, and now that I'm an adult I require 3 cranberry dishes each Thanksgiving- the salsa, the squares, and the sauce!
Mashed Potatoes: This recipe makes the CREAMIEST mashed potatoes! I don't use the mustard, but boiling the potatoes in cream or milk is a game changer. Add some garlic and thyme to that cream, and it infuses the flavor into every bite!
Stuffing: I love me some cornbread stuffing! I adore adding crasins and pecans!
Great Harvest is offering stuffing bags with our Thanksgiving Box, but that is regular bread. I really liked this recipe for Italian Sausage Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole: This green bean casserole is so easy, I don't know why everyone isn't frying their own onions and making their own creamy mushroom gravy! I swap out my favorite Utah grown Spanish Sweet Onions for the shallots because the flavor just hits better in this dish!
Sweet Potatoes: Cardamom adds such an amazing and unexpected punch to this favorite! This year, I'm going to scrape some vanilla caviar in it too! I always top our sweet potatoes with marshmallows, or you can eat this amazing dish as is!
Cranberry Sauce: I love keeping similar flavor profiles in the dishes as I cook, so I spice my cranberry sauce with a hint of cardamom and some orange zest!
Apple Pie: This is such an easy apple pie and it is a show stopper! If you want to cut out the pecans, simply replace with some old fashioned oatmeal! (Try it with some cardamom!)
Apple Cider:
Pecan Tart: Last, but not least, the famous pecan tart. My brother in law, dad, and father in law fight over who gets to take these leftovers home every year. If you're making this, don't forget to add on pecans and honey to your Thanksgiving order!

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